How to Become a Better Negotiator through Creativity

There is a strong connection between creativity and negotiation success. Fixed mindset doesn’t allow for new ideas to come in, therefore it becomes a ‘has to be this way’ which doesn’t work. But where does our creativity come from and how do we tap this well?

Negotiation Rehearsal

Tips of the Trade: Rehearsal

Athletes, musicians, dancers, and actors rehearse. Politicians and attorneys have mock debates and moot-case arguments. Why shouldn’t negotiators practice?


Prosperity that works for everyone

When prosperity becomes associated with mere opulence, we cross a line into acquisitiveness beyond our real needs. A greedy or gluttonous measure of success takes over, a devouring hunger for things that never satisfy.


Is your ladder on the right wall, The Law of Strength

We may think we know what we want, purely and simply, but in reality we’re subject to subtle forces of envy, misguided ambition, myopic vision, haunting experiences from our past, momentary impulses, or temporary emotional imbalances. It is this disconnect with our true essence that is the root cause of dissatisfaction.


Do you have a GPS for your negotiations?

GPS and all map finding apps have been major time-savers and can be a life-saver.However, before we can use the map apps there are two essential questions that we have to answer: where are you and where are you going?


Emission Admission – A Broken Trust with VW

When either party’s commitment to its promises is perceived as doubtful, a marriage, a business arrangement, or even a multi-national peace treaty can fall apart in an instant because there is no solid foundation of trust.


Stop blaming the communications!

Communication, even though important, is only one of the Eight Laws of Enlightened Negotiation. If we do not approach our interactions and negotiations from this holistic perspective and do not engage all the laws, there is no blueprint towards successful/productive interactions or negotiations.

Arti Haridwar


THANKSGIVING – The first time I visited the holy city of Haridwar in India, a massive crowd was gathering on the banks of Ganga River at sundown. Tens of thousand of people gathered with their palm-size baskets made of leaves filled with marigolds, each with a small candle in the middle. Loudspeakers blasted devotional chants; bells and horns sounded in the background. At sunset people stepped their feet into the river and with devotional gestures placed their candlelit pieces onto the water.