1-on-1 Personalized Coaching


Do you believe in:

• Acquiring new knowledge and skills to maximize your impact

• Negotiating properly to save time and minimize stress

• Finding smart ways to negotiate and appreciating the science behind these practices

If you agreed with any of the above, Enlightened Negotiation training is the answer.

Do you know what Ken Blanchard (leadership guru), John Mackey (founder of Whole Foods Markets), Bo Eason (NFL standout), Phillip Tauber (founder of Kashi) and Jake Tanzer (Supreme Justice of Oregon, Rtd.) have in common? They all praise the scientific-minded and time-tested universal teachings of Enlightened Negotiation.

Enlightened Negotiation® individual coaching delivers enhanced and sustainable solutions to your negotiations. Each program is tailored to each unique person, aligning effective negotiation solutions with the individual’s core values, principles, and skill sets. Turn once-dreaded or combative negotiation situations into confident interactions that yield maximum value for all parties involved.

A Focus on Mastery

Direct Coaching

Each session you will receive direct and specific coaching to achieve your peak negotiation performance.


Programs begin with a propriety negotiation assessment to identify your strength and weakness balance, core motivation and negotiation effectiveness.


A critical negotiation objective will be designed to build a specific skill competency for enhanced negotiation skills.

8 Universal Laws

During following sessions you will receive an in-depth analysis and assessment of each of the 8 Universal Laws of Enlightened Negotiation. Take aways include skills that you can apply immediately to your daily negotiations.

Skill Building

Each session you will have a negotiation challenge to build competence as it relates to each of the 8 Universal Laws.

You will gain the insight to assess any situation, prepare accordingly, and perform effectively

A Focus on Prevention

The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is more relevant than ever in today’s fast-paced negotiation world. Working with Dr. Nazari one-on-one, your investment mastering Enlightened Negotiation will make you proactive rather than reactive when problems arise. You can walk away from your Enlightened Negotiation® training with the confidence that you have a sustainable system to deal with any difficult interaction and the knowledge on how to prevent problems in the first place.

A Focus on Instant Negotiation Solutions

Need something faster, more situation specific than general negotiation coaching? Finding yourself in an unforeseen negotiation challenge happens and there isn’t always the luxury of time on your side. We can build a program fast and efficiently around an immediate negotiation need of yours to help you maximize collective gains in a tough situation. Using the 8 Universal Laws of Enlightened Negotiation, Dr. Nazari sheds light on alternative methods to solving stuck or unclear negotiations. An instant negotiation solution program entails specialized fact-finding exercises, intention coaching, a negotiation solution, and a post-negotiation, sustainable prevention plan for similar situations in the future.

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