Creativity: To unlock ourselves and open up our Negotiation skills

Creativity is setting aside established ideas and visualizing something new. There is a strong connection between creativity and negotiation success. Fixed mindset doesn’t allow for new ideas to come in, therefore it becomes a ‘has to be this way’ which doesn’t work.  But where does  our creativity come from and how do we tap this well?

Creativity, in spiritual terms, is the free expression of inner wisdom, drawing from the wellspring of childlike innocence, before we’re beset by phantom inhibitions, limitations, and fears. The primary source of creativity is the Self. In order to foster creativity, we must be able to discover, acknowledge, and connect with our Authentic Self, unconditioned by risk-assessment calculations or circumscribed by boundaries. We rise toward our spiritual essence: pure enthusiasm, creativity, and joy. The true Self exists beyond limiting biases and prejudices and is connected with the whole of which it is part. The true Self reaches out to embrace the unknown as part of the same Self.

Our true Self is not limited to our impressions (and false impressions) of the past. It is capable of transcending our limited experience and of imagining the infinite. In order to cultivate this connection, it might be necessary to re-establish contact with the Self through a regular practice of mindfulness or meditation.

Perhaps the best shortcut to achieving flexibility and creativity is to hang around with creative people. Exploring the “left bank” or bohemian quarter of our communities takes us out of our familiar and circumscribed zone to plateaus of accomplishment defined in unaccustomed ways, from which we can take in vistas we would not experience otherwise.

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