Do you have a GPS for your negotiations?

Do you remember the days when we would write down an address and the directions for how to get there step-by-step painstakingly? If the instructions were clear, if we understood them right, if we wrote them clearly, and if were were lucky, we would get to our destination. GPS and all map finding apps have been major time-savers and can be a life-saver.

However, before we can use the map apps there are two essential questions that we have to answer: where are you and where are you going? In your next negotiation try the same thing: Be the GPS with The Law of Intention!


Negotiation is an expedition through a landscape of human interactions to discover potential meeting places where we can come together in harmony. Our intention can be superimposed on a map, on our journey to work with our counterpart who will help us along our chosen route. Determining where we will meet involves two driving forces compelling us forward: the dynamic arrow of each individual’s intentions and the magnetic pull of our universal potential or calling.

Visualize yourself on top of mountain with a 360-degree vista of plains and mountain tops to see where you stand now and where you want to be. Your ultimate goal, not quite visible, is beyond the farthest mountain. In your imagination, rise up into the sky and look down at your position on the terrain.

Now visualize the direct path toward your goal intersecting with someone else’s direct route toward their own goal. For the sake of simplicity, let’s visualize the other person’s desired route as being at right angles to your own path toward your goal.

Your intentions are your GPS and your GPS will guide you and others to your co-created destination. As Lucius Seneca said: “If you don’t know which port you’re sailing to, no wind can help you.” So put your attention on your intention.