Enlightened Negotiation

“Style is something each of us already has,

                                         all we need to do is find it.”

                                                                         Diane von Furstenberg


Enlightened Negotiation transcends merely applying smart techniques of negotiation in order to get a bargain. It takes place only once we are attuned to our genuine desires and act consciously, choosing the proper tool for each situation. To make the best of an opportunity, we must not only be equipped with practiced skills, but also be prepared to breathe our spirit into the process.

Every moment in life is a crossroad. Our decision at every step is either a move toward our ultimate goal or away from it, a credit or discredit. Is our action based on a conscious, informed, and rational choice? Is it aligned with our true intention? Or is it based simply in laziness and habit, and laden with unconscious past assumptions?

What about you? Do you haggle or discuss? How would you describe your own style of negotiation? Are you hard or soft? Do you lead or do you follow?

Try to observe your own impulses. This might help you determine your own typical style of negotiation. What is your instinctive, natural reaction? You might consciously and purposefully choose any of the behavioral options listed below, or you might choose a default response out of habit, laziness, misinformation, or lack of information. Just try to be honest about what your gut response is likely to be. Make a mental note of that reaction as well as your own likely course (hypothetically) of action.

You’re likely to find it enlightening to witness how everyday behavioral choices are replicated in business and corporate environments, as well as in international negotiations of global significance. To find out more about creating your negotiation style, getting out of habitual or ingrained unconscious patterns please visit my website at www.enlightenednegotiation.com