Camp David: Enlightened Negotiation in Action

While I had known about the use of specific Enlightened Negotiation laws and skills used in the negotiation, the parts of the play that touched me most were these appeals to humanity and the stress on the importance of human connection.


Fire Up Your Team

Making fire is a unique ritual and I learned one of the most important principles in leadership from that ritual. Yes, from making fire.


How to Negotiate with ISIS

How do you negotiate with ISIS or other terrorist groups? As a professional negotiator I am frequently asked questions like this.


Law of Manifestation

We are responsible for the manifestation process, which dictates the outcome of our individual actions and collective interactions in every moment.


Sharpen Your Axe

Here’s an old story that comes from an often used quote: “If I had four hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first two hours sharpening the axe.” ~ Unknown


What IS Negotiation anyway?

The term has vastly different meanings depending on cultural connotations and personal associations. To some, it evokes a hostile scene, a winner-takes-all wrestling match. To others, it might simply connote an opportunity for applying leveraging techniques for personal gain.