Awaken your creativity and find your Eureka! moment

We are all familiar with those special moments of Aha! or a Eureka! Discovery when the light bulb appears over our head. It can be as simple as suddenly remembering the name of a Thai restaurant where we enjoyed a meal years ago, or seeing an innovative opening to get past a sticking point in a crucial negotiation. At such times, it seems as if the breakthrough idea just comes to us, creativity striking like lightning or coming out of the blue or from left field.

According to lore, Archimedes was enjoying a relaxing bathtub as he observed the overflowing water, which triggered his “Eureka!” insight into the relationship between density and volume. Legend has it Newton was resting under a tree when he saw an apple falling off a tree and came to understand the nature of gravity in the time it takes for an apple to reach the earth, and Descartes was lying in bed gazing at a fly on the ceiling when a new understanding of coordinated geometry came to him in a flash. All, according to the stories, were in a state of relaxation before the instant when complex concepts that eluded other great thinkers “came to them,” fully formed, in an instant.

However accurate these tales may be, they reflect our common experience, which science has confirmed with the aid of tools measuring the frequency of electrical signals coursing through our brains: A spike of “brainwave” activity associated with the moment loose mental connections abruptly snap together is often preceded by a stretch of lower-frequency electrical patterns associated with meditation and serenity.

Creativity is an essential part of negotiation. The Law of Flexibility is about creativity which arises from our relaxed state of mind, where all chatters have subsided and we are in a state of being.

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