Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will. —George Bernard Shaw  Back to Methusaleh

When I was a child my favorite thing was building things! Whenever we visited a beach right away I was busy building a sand castle and every time during our picnics if there was a stream nearby I would immediately built water wheel and of course my favorite toy was legos with my infinite creations.

We are born to be creative. Our world is what we envision and create collectively. To create is to take inspired action to manifest the result that we want. Manifestation is the transformation of thoughts into a new reality, whether it’s a material goal, such as obtaining a house or a car, or a dynamic goal such as getting a job, forming a new partnership, selling a business, or signing a peace treaty. We are responsible for the manifestation process, which dictates the outcome of our individual actions and collective interactions in every moment. Achievement of our desires and goals (our interests and needs) is an act of creation. And negotiation is the path leading there. The same was true as I negotiated with the sand to have enough moisture to keep a certain form, or when I negotiated with the water wheel to keep a balance to keep moving.

We are also creators of the rippling effect that each new act of creation sets in motion. If a family buys a house or a car, they’re likely to live a good part of their lives in it, growing up or growing old with it, so the spiritual and emotional consequences of today’s choice might well expand far out into the future. There are also people on the periphery who are indirectly affected by the decision the family makes: the Realtor or the car salespersons, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, mechanics, and plumbers.

The same applies when a business is sold. Even if the only immediate change is names on legal documents, things will begin to be different, having an effect first on executives, and managers, on down to the field employees and contractors, their families, and the community. There might also be an impact on how customers and the public perceive the business’ reputation. How to bring these thoughts to new realities is the essence of the Law of Manifestation with specific steps to take.

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