EN Traffic Signs

Do you know these signs?

You know how to drive, correct? Well, do you know these traffic signs?

In our last trip to Italy after a heavenly time on the Tuscan coast my wife and I drove to Siena, Florence, and back to Rome. But two months after our return, I received two Italian traffic tickets, very hefty fines.

I love driving in Europe but apparently I do not know all the laws of driving!

We negotiate everyday and have been doing this all our lives up to this point. But have you ever stopped to think about the laws that govern our interactions and negotiations?  Do you know all the laws?

When we are negotiating a sharp curve or a one lane road, the traffic signs along the way warn us about the upcoming curve or who has the right of way; so you adjust your speed and proceed accordingly.

Our negotiations and our interactions would be more harmonious and more productive, for example, if we knew the signals about the emotional locomotive that is about to cross our path, so we do not end up in fatal crash. Or in a two way road of communication, we expect the common rules to be observed, like listening to the other person, and at the intersections it is clear who has the right of way. Not knowing or ignoring the laws of driving or negotiation is dangerous and could be harmful or sometimes catastrophic.

In driving, knowing the laws allows you to just focus on your driving and confidently move forward. Same with knowing the negotiation laws. It is all a matter of education and awareness.

Isn’t it interesting that our society demand a license for negotiating a road (driving), but not when we negotiate with people? The 8 Laws of Negotiation help guide you out of what could be a drive into the ditch rather than the beautiful road of co-creation. Learn about the 8 Laws of Negotiation at www.EnlightenedNegotiation.com

Level crossing with barrier ahead
National speed limit applies
Queues likely ahead
Minimum speed
Level crossing without barrier ahead