When To Walk Away and When To Stay – Rely on Your BATNA

When do you decide to keep negotiating and when to walk away?

35 years of experience as a Real Estate Negotiator and almost as many as a Yogi and Educator and I STILL get this question too often.

The key to knowing when to stay at the negotiating table is a lot of preparation and thought about your Best Alternative To A Negotiation Agreement (B.A.T.N.A.) I have countless stories about clients stuck in harmful or impractical negotiations because they did not flesh out their BATNA.

If we must negotiate with difficult people (as is sometimes the case) we will know when to throw in the towel only when we know if we have other options. ALWAYS know what will happen if you cannot work out an agreement. You will be in a better position to negotiate with difficult people! #Connect #Create #Prosper

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