Use Your Knowledge to Its Full Potential

We have an insane ability as human beings to waste our knowledge and energy by not knowing how to negotiate. You have all this knowledge, why let it go to waste? Most of our energy is used up trying to convey our ideas and working with others, BUT it does not have to be!

Chances are you already have a wealth of knowledge or expertise in at least one area of your life.  The only way to give as much as you can as well as get as much as you can using that knowledge is to know how to PROPERLY negotiate.

Negotiate for the win-win-win and let your education shine its brightest! #Connect #Create #Prosper

Join us every Tuesday as Dr. Mehrad Nazari explores a new negotiation mindset that will leave you more able to tap into human being’s innate desire to CONNECT, CREATE, and PROSPER. At the end of the Negotiation Inspiration video series we will be going live to answer any questions you have about negotiation. Please comment and check out our Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to ask your questions about anything Enlightened Negotiation.

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