Are You Fit to Negotiate?

Active Listening and how to better communicate are only part of negotiation. Yes, they are an important part, but communication and negotiation skills are not always one and the same. If you are a good leader and a good communicator, you still may have trouble in your negotiations. Intent and a fundamental understanding of the stakes at play when exchanging good or services is key to ELEVATING your negotiations.

Join us every Tuesday as Dr. Mehrad Nazari explores a new negotiation mindset that will leave you more able to tap into human being’s innate desire to CONNECT, CREATE, and PROSPER. At the end of the Negotiation Inspiration video series we will be going live to answer any questions you have about negotiation. Please comment and check out our Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to ask your questions about anything Enlightened Negotiation.

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Negotiation Inspiration Series