Join Tom Scarda as he interviews Dr. Mehrad Nazari for his national podcast The Franchise Academy. Dr. Nazari divulges what it is like to be on all sides of a negotiation, how to better connect with people’s inner passions, and debunks assumptions about how negotiation being an aggressive haggling game.

This episode is a must listen! Dr. Mehrad Nazari is an award-winning author, executive coach, consultant, speaker and Master teacher in yoga and meditation. He is a distinguished business leader in San Diego and served as a professor of internal business negotiation at USIU for ten years. Author of the book, Enlightened Negotiation: 8 Universal Laws to Connect, Create and Prosper.

Dr. Nazari teaches techniques in win/win spiritual negotiation and clearly explains the difference between haggling and negotiating. There is a major difference.

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About The Franchise Academy:

In 2018 The Franchise Academy show became exclusively a Podcast. Keeping  with the spirit of the show, the host, Tom Scarda, CFE, brings the best of franchising and small business to listeners. In keeping with the mission of the show, listeners hear about best practices of running a franchise, how to go about picking a great franchise to invest in and how to turn your existing business into a franchise.

Guests on the show range from executive level franchise staff to franchise owners to franchise attorneys and any business that brings value to franchise and small business owners.

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