Evolving to WE

Unconditional Thankfulness was our most recent message. An email was received yesterday asking, “How can you be thankful for the Coronavirus?”

The answer is: We can be thankful for its teachings and the wake-up call.

The virus has made us slow down and pause in this go go go, run run run, and faster faster faster society. Hopefully it will also gift us with a new mindset. A mindset of maturity – where Me Evolves to We. This is not about how I can protect myself, but how WE can learn and grow.

Evolving from ME

A few years ago George, one of our students, sent a two-page letter to me at the end of a year-long training. The letter was a recap of his experience as well as highlights of learning. The letter was positive, but startling. In every paragraph, and almost every sentence, George started his thoughts with “I” and “My.” What was obvious was the essence and strength of his message had been lost. In a friendly response, I asked him to rewrite the same letter and eliminate “I”, “my”, ”me” and “mine” as well as he could.

The revised letter arrived a week later. George had awakened with the profound teaching of how removing his self-centered style could provide much more depth to his message. Not only did the letter retain its essence and personal touch, the tone of the message was much stronger. At the end he was thankful for this new teaching.

This writing exercise was a spiritual practice by Swami Veda Bharati. He imparted the wisdom on us while we were working for his international organization. Always read – and reread – the letter, email, or text you are ready to send and eliminate as many “I”s, “my”s,”me”s, and “mine”s as possible.

What does this have to do with Coronavirus? Profoundly, everything. We are ONE. There is only one planet earth and there is only one environment we can embrace. We must have the RIGHT MINDSET before learning new skills. We cannot evolve otherwise.

An Enlightened Mindset

Two weeks ago was the Annual Wisdom Keeper week at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. The theme of the week was Maturity, Resilience, and Grace. My presentation was “How to Bring Maturity and Grace into our Relationships: When Me Evolves To We.”

Below is a slide about mindsets from that presentation. Even though the focus of the presentation was on personal interactions, we can see the same premise in many aspects of our lives.

Wisdom Keeper RLP Enlightened Negotiation March 2020 Mindset

With an Enlightened Mindset we realize it is:

  • Not about being locked down at home; it is about returning home.
  • Social distancing should not be social isolation. Rather it is an opportunity to deepen your relationships with a phone call or hand-written letter.
  • About turning off the channel of outer information and turning on the channel of inner wisdom. Cultivating our best Inner Resources.
  • Not about fear, it is about hope. Choose to skill-up and learn.
  • Not about ME, it is all about WE.
  • About Oneness, Humanness.
  • Your time to be a Conscious Leader wherever you are and inspire all around you to be more centered and connected.


And above all, Happy Spring!
(March 19, 2020 at 8:49 PM PST)
Let the Mother Nature be your guide in resilience, grace and beauty.