Speaking Topics

Dr. Mehrad Nazari speaks on a variety of topics and aims to break the mold of conventional speaking styles. He customizes each keynote, workshop, and training to specific client’s needs. However, below you may find a list of topics that are most often requested.

Disrupting The Art of The Deal Style

Enlightened Negotiation®: Using Science for Ultimate Prosperity

Many people do not know the difference between negotiating and haggling. What if you could transcend outdated, harmful methods that focus on haggling and refocus on building lasting, prosperous relationships? In this workshop, be prepared to shed misguided approaches to fundamental human interactions that stop many organizations from reaching their optimum potential.

Dr. Nazari, through his illuminating presentation, introduces a new scientific method of negotiation, Enlightened Negotiation®. Enlightened Negotiation isn’t The Art of the Deal, it is The Art AND Science of the Deal. It is a holistic approach that draws insights from multiple schools of thought, including integrative negotiation, behavioral economics, neuro-economics, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, neuroscience, and behavioral science.  You will learn to:

  • Adopt a new mindset of prosperity for all your interactions
  • Acquire new skill-sets to expand your collaborative efforts
  • Move beyond haggling and lead the negotiation process
  • Establish trust in your interactions and negotiations

The audience will be energized and equipped with practical tools that can immediately be applied in their daily professional and personal negotiations.

Mindful Negotiating in the Workplace

Create a Happier, More Engaged, and Productive Culture Through Enlightened Negotiation®

In these uncertain times of unprecedented environmental, economic, social, and political change, every organization and its team members need hopeful and helpful guidance on how to better deal with conflict. Inspire team members to master and navigate effective approaches to communication, negotiation, and conflict management for the collective wellbeing.

In this fascinating keynote Dr. Nazari shares the essence of his award winning book Enlightened Negotiation that:

  • Gives you a new perspective for a panoramic mindset to embrace all possibilities.
  • Offers you tools for being empathetic heart-set, and use human emotions as an asset.
  • Equips you with a practical application skillset to overcome obstacles, manage conflicts, and elevate your interactions.
  • Enables you to combine your newly gained skills and previous hard-won experiences; wisdom-set to reach your highest potential.
  • Inspires you through mindfulness and reflection to tap into your spirit-set, for manifestation of your values.

Walk away inspired and enthused with a bold new way to connect, create, and prosper.

Get INSPIRED and EMPOWERED by Dr. Mehrad Nazari’s practical application of Enlightened Negotiation ~ an engaging and illuminating new method for success in negotiation

Engaging the Final Four of Leadership

How Personal Interaction, Communication, Conflict Management, and Collaboration Create a High Performance Culture

Regardless of what skills you are implementing at your workplace; effective organizational skills require personal interaction, communication, conflict management, and collaboration; what Dr. Nazari has coined as “The Final Four Forces of Leadership.”

In this powerful talk, Dr. Nazari shares the secret of a new approach to internal and external organizational interactions for adapting an authentic style to awaken your inner leader.

You will be equipped to:

  • Adopt a new mindset of prosperity for all your interactions
  • Use your new skillsets for maximizing the collective gain
  • Convert confrontation to collaboration
  • Boost performance & productivity to achieve rapid, measurable results.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement

You will find a positive impact not only on your organization by increasing employee engagement, customer devotion, and organizational synergy, but also on your personal and family life.

The Three Secrets of Enlightened Leaders

Tapping Into the Magnetic Forces of  Authenticity, Humility, and Trust

Traditional organizational training many times fails because most trainings take a one-size-fits-all approach. The effectiveness of Enlightened Leader training lies on individuated method that inspires each person to discover their own, individual authentic self and adapt universal laws to their own unique personality.

In this powerful talk Dr. Nazari combines modern science with 5000 years of wisdom philosophy for the audience to connect with their source of strength, creativity, and happiness for improved leadership qualities. You will learn to:

  • Discover and connect with your authentic self
  • Tap into the fountainhead of strength, creativity, and happiness
  • Establish trust in all your relationships in a short period of time
  • Cultivate lasting relationships with all stakeholders

Organizational leaders are in an urgent yet hopeful time, faced with the opportunity to lead the transformation of our world by translating our ideals into a reality. The audience will be inspired to respond to this calling.

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