Balancing Act of Leaders

Is your life in harmony with both the material world and the spiritual world?

Can you superimpose these two pictures and have one clear image?

We are born into this material life in which we must operate and grow, and yet there is a calling from the spiritual world. How do we function and fulfill this duality?

One dilemma is that we are familiar with the scale to measure success in the material world—wealth, title, fame, and so on—but how do we measure our spiritual growth?

After some spiritual experiences I was eager to leave the material world for the sake of the spiritual world. My teacher Walt Baptiste told me, no:

It is easier to be a cave yogi than a yogi in the material world. Our world needs more yogis on Wall Street and Main Street.

Our lives are reflections of the alignment of our actions with our true calling. Our work and actions become our spiritual practice.

So how do we measure our spiritual progress?

By measuring the level of harmony and unison of our thoughts, our words and our actions toward the greater good and unity of all.  Losing the I-ness, conquering the ego, and being in harmony with the whole. This and That and That and This as One.