In Dr. Nazari’s vision “a Mastermind group is for people who understand the value of the skills they need for Enlightened Negotiation, and how important it is to sharpen those skills”.

Practice Makes Perfect

In his Mastermind sessions you get to practice and advance your skills and you get a better understanding of the process and philosophy of Enlightened Negotiation, and better retention of what you have learned.

When people discover Enlightened Negotiation they want to use it, and the Mastermind is about being in a group of like-minded people, and being able to put the skills you develop to practical use dealing with some real life issues in our society and in our workplace.

The general premise of a mastermind is that we gather together a group of people and we take them through a syllabus over time, and we combine new learning with dealing with scenarios from real life as we go.

The Mastermind Syllabus Includes

    • an introduction
    • eight sessions which deal with each of the Eight Laws
    • a couple of follow up extras, for example, some more work on the culture of creativity, and achieving expansion through collaboration
    • a general Q&A opportunity

The Format

A Mastermind group comprises a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 people, and we work through the syllabus, mostly on a skype call format, with a couple of in-person sessions as well.

In addition to the Eight Laws, Dr. Nazari erequests that people also send him those issues they are challenged with and in the group we pick something that everybody could put their minds together to solve. We work with those real life examples for about one-third of each session, so that everyone in the group has a chance to focus on something which is personal to them so that they can resolve it.

And of course, to enable flow and a little bit of fun as well, we use all the games and practical tools that we have developed as part of the emerging Enlightened Negotiation practical handbook.

A Practical Approach for Everyone

So there is a certain part of a Mastermind session that is learning, and there is a certain amount that is doing, ie. practical exercises, and then there is the certain window in which you could bring an issue from your own life to the group to work on resolving. It is theory, practice and social in the sense that you get to learn the theories, put them into practice and work with other people in that process to improving your Enlightened Negotiation skills, and experience really good results.

Dr. Nazari says: “These Mastermind Groups are primarily designed for CEOs and entrepreneurs of some kind or other, and of course they are invaluable for sales people. On the other hand, quite frankly because negotiation is generally a weak area which causes problems both in business and personal life, it is open to a wider range of seekers.”

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