Speaking at Events

Speaking at Events

Dr. Mehrad Nazari’s inspirational speaking engagements focus on practicality as he motivates audience members to shift their mindsets to embrace every negotiation as an opportunity for maximizing the collective gain.

As humans we negotiate more frequently than we realize. In fact, we MUST negotiate as social beings. Necessary negotiation is easier, more gainful, and less stressful when we promote collaborative culture, meaningful engagement, creativity, and productivity. Dr. Nazari breaks the assumption that negotiations contain winners and losers, and entrusts the audience with a better, more thoughtful approach.

Speaking to Streamline Your Business

Keynote participants will learn to apply fundamental Enlightened Negotiation skills in any organization, both inter- and intra-organizationally.

The audience members will also learn to recognize common problems in negotiation, including specific challenges within their organizations. Dr. Nazari’s practical approach makes solutions easy to apply immediately and effectively.

Learning the Enlightened Negotiation basics

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