Mastery in Enlightened Negotiation

In Person Coaching – One to One

Most people are stuck with their old habits and viewpoints. Enlightened Negotiation proposes a new paradigm that enables people to look at a situation in a different way.

Working one on one with Dr Nazari, award winning author of Enlightened Negotiation, is the best way to master the 8 Universal Laws of Enlightened Negotiation, both in business and beyond. He coaches executives and entrepreneurs in the particular spaces of:

  • Negotiation Solutions
  • Negotiation Techniques and Maintenance
  • Conflict Prevention

Working with Dr. Nazari people also recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They learn how to capitalize on their strengths, and work together to mitigate their weaknesses so they can handle tough situations.

A Focus on Negotiation Solutions

Do you find yourself in an unforeseen challenge in a negotiation process that has somehow got stuck?  Do you need immediate guidance and support to fix the situation and get back to productive and optimal outcome?

Dr. Nazari is prepared to come in as the negotiation troubleshooter. He will help you not only get unstuck with that particular negotiation, but also guide you through a fact-finding exercise. Through careful examination he helps you recognize where the problem lies and how to solve it through the 8 Universal Laws of Enlightened Negotiation.

He then goes through a very supportive process with you, having established what the problem is, the proposed solution, and the steps that need to be taken to fix the situation. He also coaches you through any weaknesses you may identify so that you achieve mastery of that situation and prevent it from arising again in the future.


In other words, there is both a practical application against the specific situation defined by you, as well as a general application for all negotiations moving forward.

A Focus on Negotiation Technique and Maintenance

You can have access to Dr. Nazari as an ongoing negotiation coach.

If you have a new negotiation every week or every month, you can meet regularly to work through current negotiations. You will approach them together so not only are you able to bring your level of skill up over time, but also you will be able to respond in the moment to the current challenges that you face.

A Focus on Prevention

Everyone knows that prevention is the best cure! Working with Dr. Nazari one on one, your investment in mastery of Enlightened Negotiation will make you proactive rather than reactive when problems arise. You are more efficient and productive.when you can prevent problems before they even happen.

You will gain the insight to assess any situation, prepare accordingly and perform effectively.

During the ten-session program you or your small team meet with Dr. Nazari personally.

  • The first meeting is dedicated to an organic process of assessment where you find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • Dr. Nazari tailors the remaining sessions to address your specific weakness and gets you up to scratch with the 8 Laws.

The meeting process brings mastery of the technique of Enlightened Negotiation.

The Benefits of Working One on One

What are the main benefits of working with Dr. Nazari?

  • to resolve any current negotiation crises you might be struggling with.
  • to evolve and improve your negotiation skills dramatically in any area of your life whether personal or in business.
  • to build the foundations of conflict resolution and hence problem prevention.

Together, Dr. Nazari focuses on taking challenges and unresolved situations as an opportunity to set the path for future negotiation. In other words, there is both a practical application against the specific situation defined by the client, as well as a general application for all negotiations moving forward.

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