Enlightened Negotiation

Mehrad Nazari, PhD, MBA, is the founder of Enlightened Negotiation®.

It is Dr. Nazari’s passion to show others how to engage and energize all stakeholders in their interactions in order to achieve their higher purpose. He has spent decades helping thousands of people around the world elevate their personal and professional interactions by enhancing their negotiation skills. As a consultant, teacher, facilitator, speaker and author, Dr. Nazari has worked with executives from Sony, Intel, eBay, Wells Fargo, IDEA, Johnson & Johnson, Kashi, FlorExpo, Kendal Floral Supply and, Coldwell Banker. He has lectured at UC Berkley, United States International University, Presidio Graduate College, San Diego County Bar Association, Esalen Institute, and Rancho La Puerta.

Dr. Nazari was awarded a PhD in Leadership and Human Behavior (dissertation on Integrative Negotiation), and is the author of the multiple-award winning book Enlightened Negotiation: 8 Universal Laws to Connect, Create and Prosper (SelectBooks, New York, June 2016). He spent a decade as a professor of International business negotiation at US International University in San Diego, California, is the founder and CEO for three decades of California Real Estate Services (an award winning real estate investment firm in San Diego), and the co-founder of Raja Yoga Institute.

Dr. Nazari is a frequent monastic guest of India’s noted Himalayan Tradition ashram, Sadhaka Grama, and the Rinzai Zen monastery, Mt. Baldy Zen Center, in California. He has studied with some of the most revered spiritual masters of our time, including the American Walt Baptiste, Swami Veda Bharati of India, and Kyozen Joshu Roshi of Japan.

He currently serves on the Advisory Board for Mission America, helping veterans in transition to the civilian life. Dr. Nazari is also on the Board for Conscious Capitalism San Diego, whose mission is to activate the potential of conscious businesses through education, mentorship, business community engagement and modeling conscious business practices.