Corporate Training


At your next conference or large event, let Dr. Mehrad Nazari inspire your group by helping them sharpen their negotiation skills. He will enhance team building and cross-functional interactions as well as achieve superior results in inter-organizational dealings. Keynotes can be tailored to fit any length of time and to address any niche your conference may have.


Hire Dr. Nazari for a current or future project to coach you through a negotiation of importance. You will have the option to retain his services for a week, a month or a year – during which time period you will have 24/7 access to his professional insight for any challenges that may arise with your business.


Let Dr. Nazari build a one- or two-day seminar tailored to your industry-specific needs. You will work together to provide you and your company with the tools to enhance crossfunctional and inter-organizational interactions. His Enlightened Negotiation® seminar shows you and your company how to bridge the worlds of materiality (business, money), governance (personal, family, community), and spirituality (actualization of our authentic self).


Want to treat your company to an extraordinary Executive Retreat? Enhance your employees’ crossfunctional and interorganizational interactions with tools they will learn from this experience. Dr. Nazari will combine a seminar where your staff will learn valuable tools in negotiation with a session focused on enhancing mindfulness to make your retreat a well-rounded, educating, and unique experience.


One- and two-day workshops are available to the public. Pricing is available for individuals and for groups at a discounted rate. Please check the Events page for information on upcoming workshops.

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