Dr. Mehrad Nazari Joins International Group Of Leadership Gurus To Take On United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Haley Lynn Schaefer, 253-432-3411, haley@enlightenednegotiation.com Acclaimed Author Dr. Mehrad Nazari Joins International Group Of Leadership Gurus To Take On United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. SAN DIEGO, CA (October 16, 2018) – Mehrad Nazari, PhD, MBA, multi-award-winning author has been selected by the International Leadership Association (ILA) and the Restorative Leadership Institute (RLI)…


Stories that Empower with Sean Farjadi

  Sean Farjadi, host of Stories that Empower Podcast, interviews Dr. Mehrad Nazari. Dr. Nazari experienced mistrust at the age of 8. He has invested his entire life and profession to understand and share his findings on the importance of trust, in his book “Enlightened Negotation: 8 Universal Laws to Connect, Create and Prosper”. Dr.…


Enlightened Negotiation®
September 22 – 29, 2018, Rancho La Puerta


Come discover a new paradigm of negotiation for enlightened living. Here Dr. Nazari promotes the integration of materiality and spirituality in our daily interactions and negotiations to foster a more sustainable and life-enhancing global society for the betterment of humanity.


Secrets to Holiday Season Mastery

This year (and hopefully for years to come) make your holiday season a rich experience without spending a dime.

The holidays are a time to be in a joyous celebrating mood, but they are also a time where many struggle with tough choices.

To Win A Negotiation? Get Mad - Response

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Response To WSJ Cover Story

Last week I received a number of emails, texts, and calls from colleagues and students sharing this Wall Street Journal article titled “To Win a Negotiation? Get Mad.” Being a negotiation expert, they wanted to know my thoughts about this headline article. 


Use Your Knowledge to Its Full Potential – The Cookbook Analogy

Use Your Knowledge to Its Full Potential We have an insane ability as human beings to waste our knowledge and energy by not knowing how to negotiate. You have all this knowledge, why let it go to waste? Most of our energy is used up trying to convey our ideas and working with others, BUT…